Ways to Keep your Data Protected From Getting Corrupted


Protect Your Data

Sunrise PC Support, the provider of on-demand remote tech support services, this Blog is focused on to keep your data protected from being corrupted. A data loss may occur with several origins; be it a hardware failure, accidental deletions or digital corruptions within your devices. Few precautions may save you from losing important documents or files. Preferably a Windows Operating System comes-up with useful tools to back-up your system data, on account of the Hard Disc Drive’s internal backup software’s.

Listed below are some easy and safer ways to protect your data from getting lost:-


Local Storage

Local Storage Options: – This back-up option would work faster than anything else. It makes a backup of desired data on a part of your hard drive. But this thing works in your favor, just if the two drives are physically different. If user is backing up files on the same drive that crashed your data will just vanish as particular.

Cloud Storage at Personal Level: – Being dominated to a local storage could be good enough for some users, where a cloud or online storage would be helpful for users traveling often. A back-up anywhere online may allow you to access your files from anywhere you want. Some mobile apps are also doing well now-a-days with synchronization process on the go.


Choose Drop box: – Drop box is another online storage option for users seeking some efficient ways of storing data. Drop box offers users with free registration and a 2 GB free storage space. And suggesting Drop box to other users may extend the storage limit to 18 GB of space. The service comes with desktop clients for Windows, Linux and Mac PCs. Top mobile OS are also supported with applications; these mobile OS include Android, iOS and Blackberry.

Share with Google Drive: – Google’s service for online storage & sharing offers 15 GB free space. The documents are shared with Gmail & Google+ services as well. The only drawback is counted as no option for multimedia file storage. Similar with Drop box, Drive offers 30 different document formats over Android & iOS mobile browsers.

Trust on Box: – Box is one more service for your image storage purpose. If you feel scared over sharing them on Picasa, you may always trust on Box. This service is also available for Windows phone users.

Sky Drive: – This service offers a total of 7 GB storage space for free. Sky Drive comes with slideshow functionality for your images section.

For Windows 7 & 8.1 Users: – Must tell these operating systems come with inbuilt facility of backing up data. For Windows 7 it’s as simple as going to Start->Control Panel->System & Maintenance->Backup & Restore. Once you have done this you are done. Windows 8.1 users have an inbuilt utility. For that, user needs to connect an external hard drive to your PC. Then, using your cursor, point to the upper right corner of the screen. In the ‘charms’ bar that appears, click on the Search option and type File History to access it. Enable the File History option and follow the instructions to select the folders you want to backup. You can restore files from earlier copies with the same utility.

So just lay back & play around with these fabulous services, and stay protected with your data. If you need assistance with automatic data backups, try our Online Tech Support services at our Toll Free No +1-888-502-1607. Or visit our site www.sunrisepcsupport.com to know our services better.


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